Nuclear Deal and Iran Unfreezing by Crisis Group

Document Type: Original Article


1 University of Tehran

2 North American Studies Department, Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran, Tehran Iran


One of the most important barriers in conflict resolution is the rigid structure of the socio-psychological repertoire that evolves in societies immersed in intractable conflict. The challenge is to make structure more flexible and applicable for conflict resolution. This article is trying to see this challenge during the Iran nuclear deal and the trial of some of Crisis Group to change the repertoire of Iran in US society which will lead to break the rigidity of barriers and remove the content of them. This article by using unfreezing theory of Bar-Tal and Halperin (2011) and the help of NVIVO 12 qualitative analysis tries to analyze this procedure on Iran issue during 2011 to 2016. The results show that Crisis Group by four concepts struggled the rigid beliefs about Iran containing the course of time and the consequence of conflict that leaded to securitization of issue. In the next step the legitimization and humanization of Iran got into consideration. The other action was expansion of new information and alternative data. This new information tried to justify Iran actions and also have some roadmaps for the future actions of US toward Iran.


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