All articles submitted to the journal would undergo the following process:


1-      The subject of the article should be within the scope of the journal. Articles about

unrelated subjects would be excluded from the review process.

2-      Articles are checked to make sure they follow standards of the journal guideline. If they

do not, they will be returned to the author to be adjusted accordingly.

3-      Manuscripts are evaluated using a double blind peer review process, in which both

author and referee remain anonymous to each other. The process may take between 3 to 7

weeks. The corresponding author will be informed about the results via email. When

revisions are needed, they will be given a three weeks time to revise their article and re-send

it to the journal.

4-      The editorial board make the final decisions about articles.

5-      Corresponding authors of accepted articles are asked to pay 3.500.000 Rials. The submission fee, 1.500.000 Rials, is received when an article is accepted by the editor-in-chief to be sent to reviewers.

6-      Selected articles for an issue go through edition and page layout.

7-      The final version of each article would be sent for its corresponding author and they are

asked to declare within 3 days if they observe any problems or mistakes in the file after

edition and page layout.

8-      Final articles are published first electronically and in print 2 weeks later.

9-      All authors of each issue would be sent a hard copy of the journal.