Journal of World Sociopolitical Studies aims to expand scholarly publication of peer-reviewed material focusing on sociopolitical analysis of world countries and regions. We sincerely adhere that an interdiciplinary perspective on global subjects and problems helps to provide in-depth views on effective solutions and presice delineations. The journal basically targets:

  • Theorization of world politics on bilateral, regional and international relations
  • Focusin on global dynamics and thematic research in world studies
  • Disciplinary and interdisciplinary country studies, including the interaction of social, political, cultural and economic phenomena


Journal of World Sociopolitical Studies provides a platform for the publication of scholarly articles on the following subjects:


  • The study of nation-states, political institutions and their development, sources of social and political changes, power and the relationship between societies and political conflicts, all related to international and global interactions,
  • Contemporary political issues and events, regimes in power, and cases relating to global dynamics,
  • Social identities and groups and their influence on individual political behaviors, such as voting, attitudes, and political participation from a global perspective,
  • Issues caused by international phenomena and internal politics of countries such as war, security, terrorism, justice, human rights, forced migration, etc.,
  • Regional and international organizations and their effects on sociopolitical situation of their member states and vice versa, and
  • Sociopolitical, technological, security and economic aspects of bilateral relations in world politics, relations with Iran in particular.