1. Television program

Writer name(s) (Writer). (Year, month day). Title - italicised [Type of medium]. Place of broadcast: Name of broadcaster


Bryant, B. (Writer). (2001, September 12). The Bryant medical hour [Television broadcast]. Sydney, Australia: Public Broadcasting Service.



2. Episode from television series

Episode writer's name - last name, initial(s) (Writer), & Director name - last name, initial(s). (Director). (Year). Title of television series episode [Television series episode]. In Executive producer - inital(s), last name (Executive producer), Television series name - itialicised. Place of Production: Producer.


Rappaport, J. (Writer) & Dubin, C. S. (Director). (1983). Say no more [Television series episode]. In B. Metcalfe (Executive producer), M*A*S*H. Los Angeles, California: 20th Century Fox Television.