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Yazd University


After the World War II, the United States constructed a liberal international order that it grew noticeably more influential after the Cold War. Today, this order is in crisis and some of the theorists of International Relations talk about the post-liberal international order. In this relation COVID-19 as the most severe global public health crisis, and as a global pandemic has created an unexpected and serious problem in International order. So, the key questions of this paper are: what kinds of order are possible and whether COVID-19 Can be considered as an opportunity that helps China to build international order as a hegemon? In answer to this question and in terms of method, this research is based on the use of the proposed conceptual model to predict the future international order according to the factor of Covid-19 and the role of China in this order. According to proposed models and with respect to the most important challenges for China to achieve a hegemonic position, we will conclude that the future order of the international system will remain as security-based international order, with two actors (China and Us) and two different ideologies.


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