Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD Student in Criminal Law and Criminology, Islamic Azad University, UAE Branch, ‎ Address: Law institute, Esfahan‎

2 Assistant Professor of Law Department of the Institute for Research and Development in Humanities (SAMT)

3 Criminal Law, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran



In a democratic society, the fight against terrorism is based almost exclusively on crime ‎prevention. If the prevention of terrorism is addressed properly, there will be no need for a ‎military strike because terrorists will not have the opportunity to carry out their goals and ‎activities. One of the most related aspects of terrorism is the financing of its perpetrators and ‎their activities. Accordingly, the present article is aimed to investigate the prevention of ‎terrorist financing from the perspective of global criminology. The article, based on a ‎descriptive-analytical method, explores various measures of prevention of the terrorist ‎financing from a criminological perspective. Given that crime prevention is a significant ‎components of criminal policy which is aimed to limit the opportunity for perpetrators by ‎making impossible or difficult the possibility of their criminal activities, the focus of ‎preventive measures places on non-punitive sanctions or methods. However, criminalization of ‎terrorism and its financing could be defined as a preventive measure based upon penal ‎mechanism that is called as ‘reactive prevention’. Consequently, an ideal pattern for ‎international prevention of terrorism and terrorist financing is to promote the legislation within ‎the domestic legal systems of all countries in the international community.


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