Document Type : Research Paper


Ph.D.Scholar, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, hyderabad, India



During the Covid 19 pandemic, Over the Platforms (OTT ) such as Netflix and Amazon multiplied their streaming and eased the accessibility to foreign content in India. The hybridity and transnational nature of the digital spaces offer the audience to consume foreign content beyond the geographies of language and culture. This article aims to analyze the reception and perception of Iranian films in India during the Covid 19 pandemic. The study posits that the shift in the reception of Iranian film in India during the Covid 19 pandemic had constructed a positive perception of Iran among the Indian audience. By applying the reception analysis and qualitative content analysis theories, the paper interrogates the way film acts as an agency to produce the perception of Iran as a nation among the Indian Audience. For the collection of data, the existing literature has been used. Besides, a purposive sample survey among Iranian film lovers had been conducted. The paper carries a content analysis of the posts, comments, and reviews about Iranian films on social media pages. Iranian films have influenced the Indian audience to such a level that eighty per cent of the respondents want to visit Iran once in a lifetime.


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