Document Type : Research Paper


1 University Tehran

2 Faculty of World Studies - University of Tehran



The growing number of migrants from Iran to the Western World during the past decades represents opportunities as well as challenges for the migrants and also for the host communities. One of the issues that challenge Iranian migrants who move to Western countries is the unrealistic ideas about the destination. The study aimed to measure how accurate were the expectations of Iranians about life in Germany before their migration. We conducted two quantitative surveys, among the Iranians already living in Germany, as well as the Iranians who intended to migrate to Germany. Comparing the results of the two sets of data, the study found that in most cases (74%) the expectations before migration were over-optimistic. In 17% of the cases, they were realistic, and only in some cases (9%), they were under-optimistic. In addition, we found some correlations that suggest that factors such as gender, level of education, the reason for migration, and the preferred source of information of the participants can impact on the accuracy of the expectation.


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