Document Type : Research Paper


Department of International Relations, Faculty of Law & Political science, University of Tehran



China is consolidating its position in the international system, taking advantage of a variety of channels in the process. The establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a historical step by China in the international economic order. The AIIB as an international financial and development institution tries to engage and participate in the economic infrastructures of the member states. The question is: how could China's approach in establishing the AIIB be analyzed; due to new developments in two last decades? The hypothesis is that: "the AIIB is considered as a network structure to make a centrality in economic order for china which facilitates the systemic evolution". So, the AIIB is considered as a strategic turning point in international economic order. The argument of this article shows that China is attempting to elevate its role among regions in economic structures to institutionalize its centrality. Accordingly, it seems china wants to make a change in international system through a complementary and distinguished evolution. Therefore, reliability of the AIIB is vital for this openness phase and china is keenly going to maintain and strengthen the AIIB for coming games and required strategic plans.


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