Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D Student of Indian Studies, Department of South-East Asia & Oceanaries, Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran, Iran

2 South-East Asia and Oceanaries, Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran, Iran



China has invested in the Gwadar port in Pakistan to create an economic corridor to connect China to Central Asia through the Indian Ocean which is a part of the Belt and Road Initiative program. besides, India, a regional rival to China, is keen to invest in the port of Chabahar in Iran to create the International North-South corridor, which can connect India to Central Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and Northern Europe through the Indian Ocean. According to these significant facts, two critical questions were raised in the present study: the first is whether Indo-Chinese competition makes Chabahar and Gwadar rival ports, and the second, is if China can also enjoy investing in Chabahar and using alternate corridors. To answer properly to the raised questions, the study hypothesizes that Chabahar can be an international port, fulfilling the interests of all parties, including China. This study is based on the international order theory by Hadley Bull, using the SWOT analysis to explain Iran-China bilateral relations in Chabahar as well, the in-depth interviews with seven interviewees have been used. This study suggests that Chabahar could be a common point of Interest for Iran, India, and China to create a regional order.


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